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09-13-2006, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
Hey take your own advice aswell, don't read my threads either, block me please, make my life easier for me too.

And no, you misunderstand me, but that's to be expected with the way you try to demean me in your post. All I am saying is that why put emphasis on this tragedy when there are tons more that are true tragedies going on all over the world.

Everytime someone says because it happened in Montreal, just proves how much some of you don't care what goes on beyond the city lines. That is fine, live your life how you will, but I am a member of this hockey community and I personally feel ashamed of the fact that I am being insulted for my views on this subject.
Yes, and you've chosen such a bold and noble time to sermonize on your views - while people are either grieving or expressing concern for loved ones. You're such a stand up guy, we should all be throwing ourselves at your feet for helping us to see the light.

But you're right, there's so many other, more important Habs-related things we could be talking about (hot button issues like Koivu's eye, the potential lines for next season, which rookie could crack the line up, etc) that we should be sprinting past this non-tragedy as if nothing happened.

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