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04-29-2013, 01:54 AM
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Originally Posted by kassian View Post
I'm gonna say this. All you people who neglected the Canadiens and jumped off the bandwagon during the tough stretch of games we've had over the past few weeks: **** YOU!!!1 Yup, all you divas whose panties got tangled in a bunch as soon as we dropped a few. Ridiculous reactions from fans whose team was like the worst in the league last year.

Now you're all back on the bandwagon, though, ammirite?
You're really making it black and white.

There were the ones who said "Oh well, we've had a great year, it's fine that we just made the playoffs"

"So and so sucks and should be traded, etc."

and the majority of people who were actually realistic and said

"This is not the way the Canadiens of this year play and they need to get their heads out of their *****, but they'll be fine if they do it in time."

Well, which sentiment do you think is the most appropriate? The players, coaches, management themselves acknowledged the suckitude and if it were not for some deep soul searching and hard work those last two games, the title of this thread would be different.

I hope the Habs build off of that last game, it was a thing of beauty.

GO HABS GO! So proud!

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