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04-29-2013, 03:02 AM
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I don't think that anybody believes that Tlusty will produce 35 goals next season, much less hit 40 goals. He did score 4 ENG goals this season, but he still produced 19 without that benefit and even though ENGs are frowned upon, generally speaking, it does speak to the confidence the coaching has in his two way game to get him out there. It's more than just luck that has him score those. Not saying it's sustainable, but he shouldn't be penalized for that stat.

I feel like 30 goals is a reasonable expectation for Tlusty next season. I am comfortable in saying that his ability to shoot the puck is far greater than a lot of us anticipated. He's a finisher. If you look at a lot of his goals, they weren't tap in goals from outstanding individual efforts by his linemates entirely. He had his fair share of beating goaltenders with strong shots and he's good at hiding in the weeds while the attention goes elsewhere. The thing that makes this line work so well is that every single player on that line trusts the other to not let the play die on their tape. That kind of confidence just can't be created in time. It's part of the reason why Skinner is having trouble sustaining his offense. He doesn't trust anybody with the puck but himself and the puck never gets back to him. Regardless of how you feel about Jiri, it's undeniable that this was a coming out party for him and should continue into next season.

Dalpe will make the team next year. Boychuk will not. Joe Corvo will be retained because despite how much heat he was under on these boards, he carried this group for stretches even when we were winning hockey games. Do I agree that he should be back? Probably not. However, when you don't have better options what are you to do? Sanguinetti shouldn't be back. McBain shouldn't be back. Corvo was hardly the problem. In a lot of ways, he was the glue guy when injuries really set in. The truth is that when you're on your 8th or 9th defensive option at the NHL level and you're calling up Brett Bellemore and Michal Jordan it doesn't matter who you have out there you're going to suck. The only condition in which I don't see Corvo back is if we make a trade for a different stylistic guy when we deal McBain.

I doubt the Hurricanes pick up a gritty veteran defender through free agency, I think that they may pursue that option by dealing Jamie McBain in making way for Ryan Murphy.

Chad Larose will not be retained unless he's asking for league minimum type numbers. We simply have no use for him here. He's not playing with the same passion he was prior to his big pay day and I feel like he has mailed in a lot of the aspects of his game that used to make him underrated around here. He used to play with a lot of **** and vinegar and all of that is gone. Did anybody ever see him get in anybody's face this year? Draw a ton of penalties with his motor? None of that stuff this year. He's going to have to play his way back into money if he wants it anymore. Plus, he's not the type of bottom six that Carolina wants right now.

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