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09-13-2006, 09:34 PM
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the one thing that perplexes me is the very lucid description of the "shooters' by some of the students.

Shooter #1: Tall and skinny, dressed with a black trench coat with a mohawk

Shooter #2: Dressed in army fatigues and curly hair.

i agree that in the confusion someone may mistake an officer of the law undercover, but somehow i doubt such an undercover officer would be wearing army fatigues.

earlier reports were saying that there were more then one shooter, to then be later changed to only one.

which leaves me to believe that there is a possibility that one of the shooters actually has gotten away, and in light of this, the SQ has reported that there was only one shooter in hopes of not alarming the population and spreading further panic.

Now whether this is true or not, would it be considered a proper approach to contain the situation?

Would you WANT to know that there's a shooter who's on the prowl and nobody knows where he is?

Im looking forward to further reports to disclaim if said shooter was a former student of Dawson or not.

I also heard that most of the victims were female and middle-eastern, can anybody confirm this?

I also agree with Crazynine in the sense that this is not a real tragedy. Although im not offended by this thread and i feel that it is good to talk about it. It is an extremely unfortunate event and it seems that every year there is another. This is hardly comforting statistics.

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