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09-13-2006, 10:57 PM
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no, but i have found you to be absolutly hilarious, ludacris and a potential-junkie who would distroy the franchise if given any presidense (which you never will)

Ok so saying Ribs and Ryder wont last long with the Habs cause we have better kids in the system makes me a guy who would destroy the franchise if given the chance to?? Saying that guys like Perreault, Dagenais were, still are and will ever be total garbage as hockey players make you laugh out loud? Saying that Ribs has too many weakness in his game to become a solid second line center is hilarous? Im awaiting for what I said would put our team in trouble IYO...
with comments like these i can easily understand why your predictions are never right. your potential fetish has got to be maintained before you lose a nut (which if your a man of your word you would have lost already due to stupid predictions once again)

I would suggest you to wait a couple of months before saying this.. Didnt you learn with the Plekanec, Perreault, Ribeiro predictions?
by the way dude i remeber a thread you started claiming your never going to post here again because the habs almost do complete opposite of what you want and predict. do you remeber that? you made a allot of habs fans happy that day, but like your predictions it never happend.

I remember saying I would quit but certainly not cause I desagreed with the decisions Gainey did, you dreamed this or got it from another poster.

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