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04-29-2013, 08:00 AM
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Only REAL disappointment - Darcy is still GM of the Buffalo Sabres. Everything else is tied to him. Players, personnel, makeup of team...Everything on the Hockey side and he still has a job here.

I can understand why Terry and Ted kept Darcy, and I somewhat could get on board with their explanation. But to see a team and its players' skills and energy deteriorate so quickly in the 3 years Terry has owned the team should be big red flags. I can see if these were a handful of guys but it seemed to be MOST if not all the players. What worries me, is the energy the young guys showed(Pysyk, Flynn, Porter) could could go away like the energy shown from the past young kids(Myers, Foligno, Ennis) only Ennis, Foligno, and Myers have more skill.

Sure this falls on the players, but at the same time your GM needs to be able to know how the locker room is behaving so he can tweak his roster. But I don't think Darcy has any clue what is going on in there. I think his lack of quality moves to change things, shows this. This attitude and quality of play was not a a small sample of the season, it was this whole season and started showing through all the way from two years ago.

Nothing will change until we see changes from management and the men who make the roster decisions.

Of course this is my opinion

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