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Originally Posted by pcruz View Post
While I agree with Mess and ULF_55 in the fact that the article isn't saying that Colborne is going to be, projected to be, or even trying to be like Staal or Lecavalier, I still find the fact that the article mentions the fashioning of Colborne's game after Staal to be irresponsible journalism.

The aspects of the game that Colborne is said to try and emulate based off of Vinny and Jordan, are the same aspects that other players do just as well if not better. Steckel is a perfect example of what we can say Colborne should be fashioning his game after.

Steckel is a big centre, with some offensive up side, great on the drops, and has really made a name for himself as a #3 or #4 centre in the NHL.

It's difficult to say that player X is fashioning his game around player Y when player Y is viewed in many ways that player X will never be viewed.

The issue is that it's sexy to use a name like Staal when writing a column to sell a paper, but it's not sexy to use a name like Steckel. Even if the Steckel analogy is much more accurate - accuracy doesn't sell as well.

That's irresponsible journalism.
You're kidding right? And I don't want Colborne to model his game after Steckel. Yes, Steckel was big, but barely hit anything, and I still think Colborne has at least some offensive upside. He should model his game after Jordan Staal, but that doesn't necessarily mean we have to think he'll ever be as good. May as well model your game after someone good, rather than a depth guy.

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