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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
So what is your explanation for the massive difference in shots when he was playing compared to when he wasn't playing?

Luck? Randomness? EJ having a pretty big impact on how Avs play?

Love how you hate stats, ignore stats and then choose to highlight that 6 points is 50% more than 4 points. If it's irony, it's pretty funny. If it's not, Jesus Christ.
I believe that trying to use statistics to define an individual player's defensive play is very extremely difficult. Actually, there are so many real-time variables, I pretty much believe it's close to impossible. Thus, my picking which stats are relevant in our discussions. Team defensive play is another matter, re: using stats.

However, I do find it amusing that you give me the "Jesus Christ", then do exactly the same thing I did in regards to these advanced stats. Attend:

Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
If people hate +/- because of the randomness, they can't put a lot of stock in on ice shooting/saves or GF/60 and GA/60 since they obviously are the mechanics behind +/-.

Over a very large sample I think these things matter and could be an indication of how well a player plays, but in the short run it's massively affected by luck (goalie luck, shooting luck).
Not so very different than what I did, is it? Someone cited stats, you caveated the stat and their conclusion. You just value different stats than I do. We just believe different stats have different relevance.

To be clear, while I've given you a bit of crap for leaning so heavily on advanced stats, in truth I don't have a problem with all of them. Mostly just the ones that lead people to sweeping conclusions about individual defensive play.

Time to lower the temperature of this discussion though. I strongly disagree with your use of stats in the context of individual defensive play, but I respect your opinions on many other topics, so don't want to take this too much farther.

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