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Originally Posted by goalsequalvictory View Post
Thats actually less than I was expecting to pay as a deposit, so good news there.

1 season in the lower bowl is doable, and it looks like Iím going to end up going that route. Are the less expensive lower bowl tickets usually available($114-132), because if Iím going to be stuck in $200 seats thatís going to be a problem. I can stretch the budget to $114, thatís doable, $200 per game times 3 tickets times 41 games is close to $25,000, which is a ton of money to drop on hockey tickets, especially when the resale market is a disaster.

It sounds like itís usually fairly easy to ďupgradeĒ to the upper level after your first season?
Going to upperbowl from lowerbowl is a "downgrade". And I don't think it's that easy from what I've heard. (I have row 1 gallery seats, and my rep has all but basically promised me that I will end up with nothing if i choose to try to "downgrade" to something cheaper.

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