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04-29-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I don't even agree with AB on EJ, but I don't care anything about these stats determining what kind of defenseman EJ will be. There's just so much going on, from the makeup of the team, or never feeling comfortable after his concussion, or just a plethora of other things.

All I know is that I see a guy who is very good defensively, physical when needed, is mobile, has put up a lot of points in the NHL in the past, has shown flashes of that again, has had a poor coach, poor D partners, and had a concussion that he seemed to never really get back on track from this year just like Landy.

I'm not not gonna get on a soapbox and say he will for sure be a 40+ point all around dynamic defenseman, but I also don't think it's fair to try and peg him as a weak second pairing type guy, or whatever some might think. I don't even think most of his detractors peg him as anything, but rather that he hasn't been exactly what they hoped yet, and are afraid they're giving him excuses for the reason why he hasn't.

Give him a new coach, a legit D partner that can play at least a Hejda level of play, or better in terms of puck moving hopefully, and a clean bill of health and an off season to start fresh from this season, and evaluate him then. If he can be a really good #2 to a more offensive guy, than he'll be a big part of this team, and show why he was easier to build around then a more offensive guy that isn't as good defensively.

If he's still dissapointing and puts up a 20 point season or something, and just generally isn't getting it done while being healthy next year, then I'll be right there with y'all. But until then, this like the Sherman hate, and a few other things that are very emotionally based and shortsighted.
Great post, this is exactly how I feel as well.

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