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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
His second name is Swedish, Åkeson, although an extremely uncommon second name.

Åke means (well it is debatable, but thought to) ancestor. is it pronounced in Swedish, albeit a more northern dialect than I am used to hearing... all my Swedish friends are Scanian.

Just to derail this thread further off topic I might ad that the normal spelling would be Åkesson which is worn by roughly 9000 people today and translates as "Son of Åke". This is a heritage from the 19th and early 20th century where your surname would denote who your father was and thus boys would be named "son of X" and girls "daughter of X" (for example Eriksdotter). Depending on who was the most influential in the family sometimes children wore the mothers name instead, although this was uncommon. To this day the most common surname is "son of Johan", Johansson, as nowadays surnames are inherented.

I think Iceland still uses this principle though.

What was the topic at hand anyway? Oh right, prospects. Good to see Gus is going to the world champs.

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