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09-14-2006, 05:09 AM
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Originally Posted by CrAzYNiNe View Post
You see, like someone said, this is a hockey message board and it bothers me to have threads like this on here. Actually it angers me. Yes people you might know were affected by it, but if someone I knew was there and affected by it, I wouldn't come to a hockey forum to talk about it.

Like I said, this type of thread really annoys me, tons of people die a day and no one bats an eyelash, although because it hits close to home it's important? That is the EXACT attitude I ****ing hate. Because it hits close to home shouldn't have any impact on the value of human life.

This thread should be closed for the fact that this is a hockey forum and yes we do discuss a lot of things about Montreal here. But when I hear the word TRAGEDY because ONE person died, really? I mean to his family it's a tragedy, but to me, it's a # and to be honest I don't want to know who it is that died, because there is nothing I could do for him and simply rest in peace, well peace, whatever happens happens, nothing I could do about it.

(To those you say I give my prayer and so forth, well I can't say anythinga bout that, I mean this isa good place to do that as well when you offer prayer, you hope that the family of the persons involved see it, because I am sure they will appreciate it, although I don't pray, so I won't say something I don't beleive in, but to those who did that here, I am not talking to you when I say this type of thread isn't needed)

Please get rid of the word tragedy though, really really, not waranted for what happened today

Here's some advice: Don't get involved in the thread then, ignore it and move on!

For somebody who's annoyed at the thread, you sure are spending lot of time on it.

And whoever said that they should check with you before creating threads? And you're not even a Mod!

It's a sensitive time right now, so don't mess with peoples feelings more then they are already.

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