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Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
I also see on Eliteprospects that Ben Breault has signed with a French team next year. He is a good player, Dal will miss that punch in their line up.

Straight from the rumour mill, Yuri Chermetiev and Christian Morin will not be back with STU this fall. They have been "released". Kyle Hennigan will remain with the team but not in a playing capacity. The only fourth year player - and left over from Coach Eagles days - will be Randy Cameron.
When you say "released" do you mean Coach Ryan informed them they will not have a spot on the team next year, or they have been told they are free to pursue other opportunities if they wish.

If Ryan has asked or told them they wont play for STU next year I can respect Ryan for this, as in he wants to rid the program of former blood or bad habits from the Eagles days. On the other hand I have a hard time picturing this cause of how small STU's roster was last year, and with the announced players that have or may be leaving including graduation, it would seem the Tommies almost have a near impossible amount of recruits to add to just fill out their roster regardless of the talent filling the shoes.

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