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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
And those who are saying it is because of injuries never said a word when Tinordi was missing 30% of the games the Caps played when he was here.

Green is Mr. Glass IMO but when on the ice he means too much to get rid of without a fantastic return but his injury history makes it very unlikely he would bring back enough.

It is what it is and I guess I am ok with it...
Tinner was a different kind of Dman. The ones fans usually hate on are the offensive D. Its true across pretty much every fanbase. No one hated Langway (even though he was soft ....) or Hatcher when he was a less risky more in your face dman.

Offensive/skill D have the puck more and take more risks. Instead of looking at the reward actions fans tend to look at the skrew ups. Then the hooting and scapegoating begin. Its easy to focus on negatives being a Caps fan due to our poor history and how it wears on and frustrates fans.

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