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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
enough said. No real dangerous shots.

Yeah the Habs were a real defensive machine back in 2010.

You can be pro-Price without making yourself look crazy.
I'm not a pro-price. I'm a pro-habs. If you've ever noticed, I always talk about what's best for the team, not for X player. In 2010, we blocked a truck load of pucks, we had an outstanding defensive system and we gave few quality shots. I bet you can count them on your two hands. They had similar defense in front of them, Anderson is good, but he's not .940 good... Maybe they just had the three best goalies in the world ? Because Bishop and Lehner also ''stood on their heads''.

Originally Posted by Tyson View Post
How many years are you willing to wait? He has to start showing the results. That is all I am saying. His 2013 numbers tells me he has regressed.
Here goes the problem, you're not looking at it objectively. Price gets the same treatment Roy, Koivu, P.K., Markov got... ''He's not showing result, the team is not winning.''

The team is not winning =/= not showing results.

Originally Posted by Flying Knee View Post
Sorry folks but Price is NOT a better goalie than Anderson. At least not this year

Anderson on his game was better than Price on his game for pretty much the whole season. Just look at the stats , they don't lie on this one. I'm not saying Anderson won't crap the bed or that Price won't rebound but as of now i give the goalie edge to the Sens.
Anderson has been a starter for three seasons. The rest he was either A)Injured B)Horrible C)5TH string goalie.

Saying things like ''This season'' doesn't make sense. Who had the ''better'' season ? Well I can say Anderson, he played 20ish games, fine. Who has the most talent ? Surely Anderson, right? Who is the best goalie? No seriously? Is it really Anderson ?

Anderson looks like the best goalie on paper because he has outstanding stats (Like Lehner, Bishop, Halak, Rask, Thomas, Crawford, Emery...) but on the ice, I doubt he looks like the better goalie.

Oh and I have no doubt you guys will come out of this saying that Carey didnt play well. I know it will happen, you will blame him for giving 4 goals and not making the timely saves when Alfredsson was alone in the slot or when Bouillon watches Karlsson walk-in on Price, but no one will point to the 4 breakaways he stopped or the three point blank shots he stopped.

That's Montreal, thats what bandwagon fans do, thats what uneducated and emotional fans do.

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