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Originally Posted by BalticWarrior View Post
No,but you use term "Americanized" as derogatory,like its a bad thing
It's neither a good nor a bad thing per se. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. I just fail to see the point in "Americanization at any price" (post #119) = "looking more American for the sake of looking American" (post #134).

What I stated is that a lot of people happen to be americanized today which makes them inclined to like North American style aesthetics. I happen to not necessarily like them, so in this case Americanization is not a good thing in my eyes. But I didn't say anything about North America in general or about capitalism or whatever you suggest.

Originally Posted by BalticWarrior View Post
for example of hockey All star game, is pure invention from NA are you against it too?
I don't care for All star games, might as well scrap them, they're a waste of time from my point of view. But I don't care enough for them to really be against it, I just don't mind.

Originally Posted by BalticWarrior View Post
NHL uses youtube channel,so KHL shouldnt have one too because NHL has one?
YouTube channels are obviously very convenient, so why shouldn't the KHL have one?

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