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04-29-2013, 01:28 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
i am saying that if you are a sell high believer, now is the time. many here wanted green gone and have said that after that 70pt season he should have been traded.

well, now he is back. he is now again leading the league's defensemen in goal scoring. if you believed he should have been traded after the norris trophy nomination, here is a second chance to get it done.

my view on green is an unpopular one. nothing new for me. that he is an unreplaceable player. that his offensive gifts and skating ability are unmatched and what he brings at the level he can bring it is unique among nhl defenseman. i wouldnt let him go on a bet. my view is that the key to a caps stanley cup is in the pocket of 52 and the caps will go as far as mike green can take them.
Im fine with 52 if he produces....and he is...well, in the regular season. 52 is a guy that needs space.....which is exactly why teams go out of their way to hit him and not give him that space. In the playoffs there isnt much space and what space there is generally disappears quickly.

You say he is "back"....and in terms of regular season production it seems that may be the case. What he has never shown is the ability to bring that game to the playoffs...I know you want to post how he had a few assists and a goal here and there when they were getting beat in past springs......what he needs to do is be an offensive force in the playoffs, its that simple. If he can get to that point it will be great.....his poor play along the boards and risky stick moves in traffic with a man in his face could definitely be offset by offensive production

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