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04-29-2013, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
Define bring offense please.

Green's career regular season production of 277 points in 433 games is .64 points per game, which extrapolates out to 52 points per 82 games.

Green's career playoff production of 29 points in 50 games is .58 points per game, which extrapolates out to 48 points per 82 games.

I'll buy the can't avoid punishment part though.
Seems skewed to me. When 52 was making a run at the Norris he wasnt a .64 ppg any case....when he is on his game he is skating and making things happen with assertive play. In the playoffs he always has seemed more tentative with the puck than normal games. Maybe thats mental and not processing the pressure well or maybe its because the pressure is picked up and teams target him more and he hasnt been able to shake that....hard to say.

History is filled with great regular season players that just didnt get it done at the same level in the playoffs

Are you suggesting that, because his career regular season/playoff numbers are in the same ballpark that he has essentially been the same type of player with the same sort of impact? Because that just isnt how I look at it.....

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