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Originally Posted by Mestaruus View Post
Doesn't matter if it's Russia or Canada in group IMO. Finland has no chance vs either this time. So Canada and Russia will steamroll their groups and the excitement is about if Finland can place better than #4 to avoid Russia in the game of death. I also rather take USA, because WC means more for the Czechs than for USA so Czech would be tougher team to face in the game of death. I'd say this Czech-USA thing is the biggest difference between the groups. Everything else is almost irrelevant (okay rather avoid BLR over France :]).
I'd say Germany - Norway and Latvia - Denmark also make a difference. The Norwegians can be really tough and disciplined SOBs especially in the early stages of the tournament. The only reason why they're not regulars in the final round yet is that they tend to run out of gas towards the later ones.

Also, Danes have better individuals than the Latvians and can therefore cause trouble for any defense prone to occasional mental lapses. Like ours.

And concerning the team overall, the amount of declinations and who's to blame... as much as I dislike the guy for occasional overt sensationalism, here's a good read by Juha Hiitelš:

Nails it, I might say.

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