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Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
I love how the $450m left on the cable deal, the young playoff team, the extra $35m per from luxury suites,a possible early move and the glut of cheap prospects, pales in comparison to a $1.5m per buyout
What? I have never brought these up, I have never commented on them. You're making up some argument in your head at this point.

The only thing I have ever said is Wang does care about DiPietro's contract in some capacity. No one would ever deny that...or I would have thought. I mean that's $36,000,000 the Islander's are going to pay DiPietro. If the average ticket price is $50, that's the equivalent to 720,000 New York Islander tickets or about 8 beers at the Bell Centre. You're trying to gloss over his contract with the notion that Wang wont have to deal with it if he sells the team. But that's not how it works, the next owner will take DiPietro's contract into account and offer him less for the organization than he otherwise would have if DiPietro magically disappeared.

Here, I got a decent used car I put it up for sale. You see it in the flyers and offer $12,000 for it, I say sure. We meet, you see the car but there's a dent on the door that will cost around $200 to fix it up. You're not satisfied since you'll want to get it fix and now only offer $11,800. DiPietro's contract is that dent.

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