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04-29-2013, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr. Fire View Post
That's funny, because that is what we were all talking about while we waited in the massive crowd to get in. That would have been a suicide bombers dream. All those people massed into one spot. Hell, he didn't even have to worry about trying to enter the building.

All that proved on Saturday is that there is no way that those nut jobs will be stopped. The terrorists will just adapt and adjust their tactics.
Originally Posted by 1857 Howitzer View Post
We were all saying the same thing where we were standing too. I was running late and was still outside around 6:50 when they just opened the flood gates and just started letting everyone in without really checking anything other then bags.
Agreed. I am a hazardous waste responder / instructor and have had sufficient CBRNE training. Anyone with half a brain could see this was a clusterf. 10,000 or more people on 2 plazas for a winter sport where a suicide bomber could easily hide explosives under a winter coat to a December or January game and take out dozens of people. But set aside the terrorist concerns and imagine a 1 hour wait in 40 degree temps and a pouring rain. There is no way fans are going to be willing to be backed up to Front street in those conditions and let these 2 pieces of human garbage that set off a bomb in Boston put us through that.

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