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09-14-2006, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by octopi View Post
Softer might be good. A littler narrower, too. My right foot tends to feel a tad loose in my current skate.
First question, who fitted you? Did a shop employee fit you or did you just get a pair that seemed to fit pretty good.

Second question, what do you mean by loose? Loose as in width or length? It could be that you are in the wrong width skate or in a skate that really isn't meant for your foot.

Your toes should just brush the end the skate when fully tightened. The lacing should remain the same width from the toe all the way to the top. It's ok if it gets wider or a little narrower at the very very top. If it gets narrower in the middle you are in the wrong width. When fully tightened, at the third eyelet down from the top. Take a pencil and hold it across. It should only touch the outside edges of the boot, not the tounge. If it touches the tounge you need a deeper fitting boot.

I know better then to ask a lady her weight. So I'll tell you this much. When dealing with Jr sizes it depends on your weight. I could probably wear a Jr size but I am just over the weight limit. When I asked the guy who fitted me said if I did the skate would break down faster then normal.

A softer boot might just be a lower level model of skate. If you are in a high end skate you might want to drop down a few models.

Most importantly. Different brands fit different. Don't assume that a 7 Graf is the same as a 7 CCM or Bauer. for example - I wear a 6.5 RBK and a 7 Graf and I really need a 6.25 RBK.

If all this seems like mumbo-jumbo. Go to your local hockey shop and have someone fit you properly. In the end it's really worth it.

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