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04-29-2013, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Karlsson was one of the stars last night but I'd have to say he looked slow and was a turnover machine at times. I wish I counted the number of offsides that occurred at the Boston blueline while he had the puck. Hopefully the matchup gives us an advantage until Karlsson catches up with his game.
I've never seen much of him. Looking forward to seeing how good he is.
Originally Posted by 417 View Post
Not a fan of knowing Carey Price will have gone 1 week between starts... I really don't understand why they sat him on saturday.

On the bright side, the additional practice time may allow him to work out some kinks in his technique.
Didn't understand it either. But yeah, the break should help.
Originally Posted by Tyson View Post
Easily Anderson has been lights out over Price. This is make or break for Carey. Habs have home ice advantage potentially for the first two rounds. He cannot lose this series to Ottawa and still be the Habs future goalie. After 300+ games, time to play to the potential many have talked about.
The more games you play the harder it is to maintain. If Price had played the same number of games as Anderson, his season looks a lot better.
Originally Posted by Flying Knee View Post
Sorry folks but Price is NOT a better goalie than Anderson. At least not this year

Anderson on his game was better than Price on his game for pretty much the whole season. Just look at the stats , they don't lie on this one. I'm not saying Anderson won't crap the bed or that Price won't rebound but as of now i give the goalie edge to the Sens.
He absolutely is a better goalie. Anderson is hotter than Price but you're out of your mind if you think any team in the league would trade Price for Anderson.

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