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04-29-2013, 05:26 PM
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I don't know what all you people are talking about but even the aforementioned marginal clubs are only marginal compared to top KHL teams only. Cherepovets was just in the playoffs, and neftekhimik and yugra are constant playoff contenders. And we won't get into the same discussion again about how I think vityaz can easily make the SEL playoffs.

Pakovits, I'm sorry but you sound like your out to lunch. Minimum 8 teams for playoffs per conference makes it 16 in total so you suggesting that by 18 teams pretty much everyone makes the playoffs in a league geographically larger than the NHL(and not lacking in population) and the rest get relegated? That would get messy especially with non Russian teams and at that point it's like the old RSL... Not to mention the playoffs being meaningless; there need to be at least 8 teams in total that don't make it. In the NHL almost half the teams in the conference don't make the playoffs but you don't hear anyone screaming relegation( even just from a sporting perspective). In fact it makes it more interesting.

There are countless obvious reasons why 2nd tier teams have a hard time making the big league and more importantly staying in it aside from even securing funding for 1st tier level while in the farm league to get promoted. A bad run in the khl one year could end up shafting you and screwing you and your new arena/investments for years just like Malmo Redhawks.
May I remind you all that there are many top tier teams in Sweden and Switzerland for example that operate in towns of around 60-70k? And quite successfully. I'm not advocating teams in podolsk or khanti-mansi, but a minimum population of 500k for a successful franchise is nonsense. Hershey averages 10000 viewers annually in the AHL and ambi-piota in the Swiss NLA was in a town of less than 15k !!!!!

I completely fail to see how the competitiveness would increase with a smaller relegation type tournament and to the contrary thing it won't do anything good at all for hockey.

Anybody can figure out that if you disband the KHL and make a 6 team league instead it would become some ultra-allstar league for a little while but in general it doesn't make the sport any healthier.

If they can afford/manage having 28 teams all over the continent it will increase exposure and interest collectively raising the competitiveness of the league over time.

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