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Originally Posted by Multimoodia View Post
For a defenseman as unproven as Shattenkirk?

I realize that we, as Blues fans, like young Kevin but the fact remains that he only has two seasons of good play thus far. Frankly I think I am likely overreaching in trying to get Kreider (who is a winger the Blues desperately need since they are getting a bit shallow on depth, in particular with McDonald leaving...and his blazing speed down the wing fits in well with the Blues' fore-checking style) and getting a replacement nearly as good with Andersson.

Think about it, Cobourne and first is a more than fair trade for Pietrangelo since the Blues cannot sign him anyway. Alex evidently wants to be paid in actual currency instead of Monopoly cash which I have under good authority is all Stillman actually has.

Bouwmeester is going to have to go, under-performs relative to his paycheck and as noted previously the Blues cannot afford such luxuries.
Combining him with Berglund to get Schultz (physical defenseman who is almost an exact replacement for the much more expensive Bouwmeester) and Gagner (give the Blues that offense they were missing and has spent a lot of time on the penalty kill clearly indicating that his defensive game has arrived at an elite level) is almost a no-brainer.

Finally, Stewart for Kulemin makes sense simply because the Blues do not need offensive players. Rather they should look to acquire every 2nd/3rd line two-way player in the NHL and then they can win off a combination of cap-space, draft picks, and hard work.

I apologize if you cannot see the master plan here, but I assure you it is there and it will take the Blues to the promised land of being every other teams' development squad. A truly auspicious honor.
You forgot about trading Tarasenko for some scraps too.

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