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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
As of this morning, the MTL games are not sold out according to TSN690.
I'm sure there might be single seats available - there usually are (and probably none in the reds - I'm going alone to game 5 and got my ticket for that game in the first 15 mins), but no way in hell you find two seats.

Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
You think Anderson has shown more than Price ? Price is the better goalies no matter how you put it Anderson got the Halak treatment... No real dangerous shots
Hahaha, yeah no.

Originally Posted by gillings View Post
I wish these lazy ****ing hockey players would play their hearts out all year and actually earn the money they make.. instead of just dogging it like so many guys do.

We should win the cup if everyone puts in a gallagher galchenyuk eller type of game.
The team played pretty hard the last two games and oh for about 35 games prior to that. It's the playoffs and I don't think this team is going to do anything BUT go all out. Mistakes are one thing, but I'm not worried about effort. Except for Ryder. We'll see. Contract year so...

Originally Posted by HiggsBozon View Post
Forget about Lupul guys. Bryan Murray is doing a very good job of motivation for our team by saying, just a few minutes ago, that:

"The Canadiens are an old franchise that they would like to knock off, and that they finally get the chance to do so"


"The Canadiens are an ideal matchup for the Sens. We wanted to get them and get out of that 8th spot."

Keep 'em coming, you old senile idiot
Wow, did he learn nothing from the Lupul thing. What a moron. Lupul's comment's were not NEARRRLY as offensive/motivating as Murray's. He's a good GM, but time to shove it in droopy dog's face.

Originally Posted by Gustave View Post
Ryder stopping a Plekanec shot in a totally abandonned net.

Chills down my spine.
That, in fact, WAS the moment when we lost an almost guaranteed series win. Ryder better have some more tricks up his sleeve now that he's back with us.

Originally Posted by Bobby G View Post
Bryan Murray said it would be a miracle if Spezza is back for round 1
Remember when Karlsson wasn't even going to be playing the start of next season?
First I felt bad for them and Murray and even understood Melnyk's rage cuz it was Cooke. Then, all of a sudden (two weeks before playoffs), Karlsson is back, Michalek too, Cowen (sposed to be gone for the season) as well. I don't know what is going on with them, but it feels like they bs about their injuries ACTIVELY.

Originally Posted by zzoo View Post
This really surprises me: Pax has never played in playoffs.
That is pretty nuts and I imagine it doesn't really sink in with most of us. This is why I'm hoping that he's not just a useless point picker-upper (of late), but a dominant scoring force. I'm sure he is going to take it to the next level.


So far, everyone has the Sens as the favourites and it's the Anderson/Karlsson show. Not a surprise. In a sense, we are, again the underdogs, just like at the beginning of last year. We will prove them wrong again. I think Habs in 6 if Price is 2011 playoff Price or the Price from his last start.


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