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04-29-2013, 06:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Bookman View Post
To the op:

Why trade a great player on a great contract for the next three seasons?

Do you want the Stars to be the Oilers?

Hellz, him and Benn give you a chance at a quick rebuild.
It depends on the offer. With the cap going down, he is on one of the best contracts in the entire league. I don't think people realize how much his contract really ups his value.

Take Skinner for example, the kid is going to have a 5.725 million dollar caphit for quite a few years. Getting a complete upgrade (not at all a lateral move) in terms of offensive production, defensive play (some of the best in the league), very good on the PP, and amazing on the PK. AND on top of that, over 1m per year cheaper? 1m per year can be huge in terms of attracting UFAs or getting those big name role players (like Brandon Prust), especially in the coming years of a low overall cap. Throw that in with the fact that Skinner has regressed the past 2 years in production, and he was a damn -21 in this short of a season, Eriksson for Skinner + 5th overall is more than fair. Hurricane fans just value Skinner way more than he is actually worth (kinda like we did with Benn).

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