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Originally Posted by Vikes88 View Post
Thanks. I'll wait to hear from those.

As a note, though, I should note that there are some serious issues with how this is being implemented. When I first joined this league, I was warned that the rule book was out of date, and should not be totally relied upon. Now, there is an acknowledgement that new GMs should have been told about a rule, but weren't. Indeed, under "Free Agents and Contracts" in the rule book, this one appears nowhere. In fact, it says:

"Teams can re-sign a potential free agent anytime during the season."

Even if I had relied on the unreliable information, I had zero inkling that my planning had to take this never-before-broadcasted rule into consideration.

Assuming is flat out not good enough in a context where the rule book isn't an up-to-date piece of information. because now it has created an unfair playing field where my re-signing and financial strategy would have absolutely been different. I expected better.

You can re-sign players at any time, as the rulebook states (and the rule you quoted).

I think you might be confused...

This posting refers to HFNHL free agents (as in players whose rights are not owned by an HFNHL team yet). UDFA stands for Un-drafted free agent. For example, Carl Soderberg was a player I'm sure people would have been galloping after if not for this rule. We save these types of free agents for the summer (when they often go to a lottery system).

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