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Originally Posted by Habsfan18 View Post
Every fanbase has annoying fans.

But I will say this. I have a few friends on facebook who are Ottawa fans. They talk **** all the time, and I think it bothers them that I don't give it back. Truth is, Ottawa has always been pretty irrelevant to me. All my hate/focus has always gone to the following 3 in order: 1..Boston 2..Toronto..3..Philadelphia. I just never really bothered with the Sens, and I think it bothers them that I don't give them the same attention. Truth is, I couldn't care less.

I'm sure that could always change with this series, but I don't know. Personally, when it comes to rivalries and hatred/emotion, the main word that has always described the Sens for me is "irrelevant."

Now, I'm sure that will sit well with Sens fans on here who happen to read that. Oh well, it's how I feel.
That's actually the exact way how I feel about Montreal as a Sens fan. Except I consider Toronto/Pittsburgh/Buffalo as our 3 main rivals based on history. Hopefully this series adds a 4th team to that list because there's nothing wrong with a new rivalry, it's good for close local teams like us. I expect a tough series that could go either way and I was never a fan of picking the Habs (or anyone else) as an opponent because I think it's bad karma to do that, I'm very much a let the chips fall the way they do kind of guy.

Here's to a good series! Good luck guys!

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