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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Almost all coaches play matchup hockey.

You can call Eller's line by whatever number you choose. 1, 2 or 3. Opposing team's coaches do not care what number a line is called.

Therrien is still not sold on Chuckie for whatever reason. He feels that the team will do better giving more minutes to Pacioretty and Bourque. So DD gets more minutes not because of DD, but because of his linemates.

So do you move DD to the line with Chuckie and Gally to cut his ice time and give Eller more offensive minutes? If you do that, the other team's coach will look at that line (DD, Gally, Chuckie) as an exploitable defensive line and Eller will rarely see the other team's 2nd line for defensive purposes. The Habs will suffer for giving a smallish line responsibility for shutting down the 2nd line of other teams.

We are a smallish team. Because of that, we have to shield certain players. Sucks, but it is our roster right now.

Therrien seems to think that Eller is fine being a PK specialist and is slowly easing him into more PP time. IF, and only IF he starts lighting it up on the PP, then I am sure he will reward Eller with more PP time.

Until then, I am certain that Therrien will think that spreading ice time and offensive/defensive responsibilities to more players on this team leads to a more productive team.

As I am prone to gripe about Therriens use of Prust, it appears that the man knows a little bit about coaching as we finished tops in the NE.
I wasn't talking about this season, it's not the time to start experimenting.
You can say the same for other teams too. Unless they have a real solid third line team, then I'm not sure they'd want to let an average 3rd line deal with Eller-MaxPac-Gallagher (as an example).
Let's not pretend that a 3rd line with DD would just be horrible and would allow a goal every time they're on the ice.
DD isn't the best defensive forward, but he's not this horrible player as most make him out to be either.

There's also the possibility of moving him to the wing, which to me is unavoidable.
I'm just sick of hearing Eller used as a shutdown specialist. Plekanec is always used to shutdown opponents but nobody says he's on a shutdown line.
It should be the same for Eller.

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