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Originally Posted by m9 View Post
I think you've nailed my thoughts on the show. The first half dozen episodes were pretty boring, and then it picked up towards the end.

However I got through 6 or 7 episodes in Season 2 and it's not good at all.

I quit watching at that point. I'm sorry, but when I'm through 20 episodes and I can count the good ones on one hand, I'm done. I don't care how great the rest of the seasons are.

People saying it's the best show ever.. I just don't see it. Madmen and Friday Night Lights are worlds better.

Just about to start season 2 of Mad Men right now. Season 1 started out pretty slow as expected but the last couple episodes were GOOD. The sales pitch to Kodak was just ridiculously awesome.

My only problem with the show is that it really makes me want to take up smoking.

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