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Originally Posted by Egoclapper View Post
It's $27,046,667 that they pay in a lump sum the day of the buyout.

The teams will pay $24 million for DiPietro and $27 million+ for Luongo at the date of the buyout. The cap hit is spread out over twice the seasons so that it doesn't handicap teams, there's no way a team could compete if they counted it in one season.

The Canucks operating income in 2011-12 was $30.4 million, ownership might be hesitant to drop that to a mere $3 million to get rid of Luongo.

The Islanders on the other hand had an operating income of -$16 million. DP's buyout will come out of Wang's pocket or new ownerships.. I'm sure they'd like to avoid spending another $27 million to get rid of him.

The Leafs meanwhile brought in $81.9 million. They could take a shave if they were offered something worthwhile, the question is what hockey asset is worth $24-27 million? Also Bell and Rogers bring in enough profits, the true value of the team to them is the media rights.

1.Wang could leave DiPietro in the AHL and let the new owner decide what to do about RD and his $1.5m per buyout.Or buy him out, knowing he's not on the hook longterm.

2.Wang's turned over the business side of the team to the Barclay group, leading to speculation that Ratner and Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire, will end up as owners.

Imo Wang will either buyout DiPietro or let the new owner decide his fate.

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