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04-29-2013, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Quincy View Post
As I said in another thread: I keep on seeing threads with fans wanting to move up in the draft, and haven't really seen any (may have missed 1 or 2) that have been started where a fan wants to move out of the top 3 or top 5 or top 10 for lower picks.

Don't think there is a market for such a deal. I can see someone at 7 or 8 moving down a little, but can't see anyone in the top 3 for sure, and probably top 5, looking to move down.
Fans on this website value first overalls above Cups. The average poster in the Trade/Free Agent forum would build a younger version of the Oilers if they were a GM, and they'd fail even worse than the Oilers have.
Originally Posted by AwesomePanthers View Post
Good post. There has to be a market for it. I doubt anyone want to move that far down, unless they get an absolute overpayment.
The word "overpayment" gets used sooooo often in this thread. Would a proven NHL scorer get you the first overall pick in this draft? Absolutely, if the team drafting wanted a scorer more than a top D-man. Is that "overpayment?"
Originally Posted by PayItForward View Post
But how often do teams trade out of the top 5? Between lockouts the only two I can remember are the Islanders in 2008 and the Leafs with the 2nd overall in 2010, which they traded way before the draft and way before they knew they'd be picking that high.
Down to positions and value. In the NFL, there are 9ish distinct positions on the field, teams often only need 2 players in those positions, and first round picks need to contribute immediately. In the NHL, there are only 3 distinct positions on the ice, teams need multiple players in 2 of those positions and first round picks are generally allowed to take another year or two in juniors / NCAA before they sign. As such, "Just take the player we think is best, there will be room for him" is the overwhelming tendency in the NHL. Trading down doesn't happen that often, but that doesn't mean the value isn't there and a GM wouldn't do it.
Originally Posted by AMDZen View Post
Jamie Benn to Avs for 2nd overall
You're high. Jamie Benn is a proven NHL player. Cam Barker, Andrew Ladd, Blake Wheeler, Benoit Pouliot, Erik Johnson, Thomas Hickey, Karl Alzner, Zach Bogosian and Luke Schenn were top-5 picks between 2004-2009. Benn is clearly better than them all, and you could argue another couple names onto that list. Trading Jamie Benn for a pick is a terrible idea for Dallas.
Originally Posted by InfinityIggy View Post
What teams GM just got fired again?

We will be happy rip the Stars off for another Iginla though. Cheers.
What does the first part have to do with the second? And 100% of Stars fan love the Nieuwendyk-for-Iginla trade. It was vital to a Cup win, which probably would have been two if not for Bryan Marchment's dirty play.
Originally Posted by InfinityIggy View Post
He was fired because he was a terrible GM. If he wasn't fired then Stars ownership would just be complacent and he would still be a bad GM.
No, he wasn't. Spend more time reading the Stars board. Just don't post there. Good God, please don't post there.
Originally Posted by oconnor9sean View Post
I'd do it. If we move up to 7, we are for sure gonna get a guy like Monahan/Barkov/Nicushkin
I would do this if I were Dallas. Dallas doesn't need depth, Dallas has cash to burn, they need top players.

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