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09-14-2006, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
Courage is great, but at some point losing development time tends to hurt.

Some players are able to get healthy (McCauley) other players just start to get chipped away at until it's too difficult to play.

While it's too early to label Sauer brittle, there's certainly going to be whisphers at this point.
Some guys it's not going to hurt. Edge I've read many times that Sauer pound for pound has more talent and better instincts than Staal. If that's true and Staal is very talented we shouldn't have much to worry about when it comes to development time. Some guys need it to grow into better players others just don't. The more time the bettter but being extra cautious with somebody like Sauer is not going to hurt him.

Let people whisper about Sauer. Heck, let them shout it from the top of the Empire State Building. The guy will either make it or he won't but missing some time in junior hockey isn't going to kill his career.

Rushing back from a concussion would..

This was a mild risk pick for the Rangers. We all knew it when it was made but it's way to early to get worried about Sauer. Not coming to the big camp isn't a big deal in my eyes. The Rangers felt high enough on the guy that they signed him (dispite the fact he played 58 games last year) and invited him to camp. I think it's sad for the kid but in the long run i think this is much ado about nothing..

than again i've been wrong an awful lot lately so with my luck Sauer will be the counter guy at Tim Hortons in 5 years instead of the co-anchor of our defense..

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