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04-29-2013, 09:39 PM
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Originally Posted by TheReal13Linseman View Post
He doesn't actually "deserve" counsel, but he'll get it, thanks to the Administration's decision to not hold him as an enemy combant and detain him indefinitely. Act of terrorism on American soil of which we don't know all the details. More come out daily. Monther's involvement; woman's DNA on bombs... Now he'll be represented by superstar defense attorneys looking to make the big time. Makes ya sick.
I wouldn't worry about the superstar attorneys looking to make the big time....this isn't the OJ trial and we ain't in Kansas anymore.......the information superhighway of media seizures spawns a nationwide case of A.D.D. that even the Maharishi himself would be bewildered by......

Sorry for being so cynical but the sad truth is outside of the Boston area most of the country is going to move on to the next media freak show as soon as it is available for consumption.....if it hasn't happened already.

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