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12-31-2003, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Jebus
I guess I'm still in the minority on this one. Not going to re-hash an old argument or anything but there is just no better way for a player to progress than playing at a higher level.
agreed. i just wish he wasn't hurt to knock him off this many games. this is probably the only legit argument against him staying in the NHL and my only reason for wanting him to stay down. the fact is, when he was up here, he not only looked like he fit in the NHL, but that he was a contributor as well. let me remind you that he looked MUCH better then frolov did on his rookie year. brown was already becoming one of my favorite kings, whether he got the poitns or not.

with our injury problems, it benefited us greatly to be able to pull up our prospect like that, but unfortunatley, that's a double edged sword as players would come back and cut his ice time. i personally would have been happy either way, but i think the more i saw brown, the more i felt he deserved to be in the NHL.

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