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04-29-2013, 09:59 PM
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I'd like to point out that I saw the Bryzgalov situation from day 1:

I don't like this contract for Bryzgalov, even with the apparent solution to their longstanding goaltender black hole. Too many years, too big a cap space and I'm sure it's going to come back to bite us. Bob is still raw, but I can definitely see him putting it all together sooner rather than later. Imagine for a moment dealing Bob away, as looks likely, and Bryzgalov giving this club the definition of mediocre goaltending, right around the .900 Mendoza line.

If we look a bit further ahead, the CBA is running out and I can see the owners and players play hold-your-breath for a big chunk of the season, maybe up to 34 games lost. In a mini-season, every win counts for so much more, and if the team doesn't gel right away, it could go downhill really fast. In a situation like that, with such a compacted schedule, running Bryzgalov and (I hate myself for even putting this out as a joke) Leighton (as if!) out so often could push the goaltending right back into a crisis situation.

The only way out would be if the new CBA contained something like an amnesty buyout or something.

Nightmare scenario: Bryzgalov starts out somewhat hot in a strike / lockout - shortened season while the rest of the team spins in circles. He regresses to blech and the team doesn't do much to pick up the slack. Of course, there will be the inevitable grocery list of injuries. They miss the playoffs, but can't even get the tank right and win a bunch at the end of the season to come in at around -- I don't know -- 11th. The biggest highlight of the season would be hosting a team from a city that suffers a big tragedy (like a terrorist attack) and gives a donation to the victims.

One thing is for certain: Beef and DFF won't agree on any of the above.
I think I nailed it pretty well.

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