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04-29-2013, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by bidzey View Post
I was surprised at the amount of emotion from the American players had after the game. I know it's normal for a tear or two to slip down, but many of them were bawling their eyes out. I know it's the most important game of their life at the time and everything, I just felt so bad for those kids.
I know what u mean. One player in particular seemed to be "balling". For me that level of crying is left in the dressing room. I dont mean to be insensitive because Im far from it, but at some point it becomes selfish for the player to do that and recieve the camera on him 24/7. We all know it hurts, walk away and deal with it in private.

After the game, reporters can focus on those tears and make it a story, when its not about him. Im sure they cried as a team. It hurts bad, it tears u apart. I think if the eyes got watery and tears came down thats completely understandable to show this on the ice. If its too much pain cover your face with a towel or get away from the camera's. Id be the first to support a player that was in this situation. When the player sits on the bench and will not leave and publicly shows this level of emotion, he is asking for attention. In the end I dont respect this type of behaviour. Im not one to show any sad emotions in front of opposing teams. I would have cried to as coach or player in that situation, I just think its better to let out the heavy emotions in the room.

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