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Originally Posted by goalsequalvictory View Post
I mean I'm not asking for them to be mother theresa, but to not make it known to people what they're realistically going to be getting when they put down that deposit is slimy in my book. Dosen't mean I'm not going to take the plunge(because I know what I'm getting myself into), but I pity the ones who think they can get $50 per game tickets, are told that they have a "reasonable chance" by their rep, and then get stuck with either $150 per game or having to loose their deposit because they can't afford that.

I was told on the phone today that I had a good chance to get 3 together in the upper bowl, which from reading this thread I find hard to believe. Either their selling me a line of BS to get me to part with my $$$(probably), or renewals are way down from last year, which I find hard to believe.
A co-worker of mine requested 3 together in the old 300,s 3 seasons ago and to my surprise got them. He has requested 2 more seats since then and has been able to get them . That tells me that the upper bowl seats have become more scarce. In the early 90,s there was a waiting list for the lower bowl but it has since been reversed. Hopefully with the economy getting better and Wall st booming the lower bowl will pick up but I think MSG has overpriced many of the lower bowl seats. either way I would try to get my foot in the door and go for the ST,s

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