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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
Yeah, that's exactly why I wouldn't have Crosby win the Hart, either. However, I do think he was the best player in the league by far.
Oh yeah I'm not arguing whether or not he's the best player in the league. I don't think it's much of a debate. He definitely had the best individual season this year also. I just think Ovechkin was more valuable to his team this year than Crosby.

I just think some people get hung up on the talent level of a player or the stats they put up. In doing this they neglect the true meaning of a Most Valuable Player sometimes. It's not necessarily the best player in the league or the guy with the best stats. Most of time the guy with those two things going for him or at least close to it will also win it but its not exactly the true measuring stick for this award. To me if your team doesn't make the playoffs it's hard to consider that player an MVP. That's why I wouldn't consider Stamkos and St. Louis this year despite them being the top two point leaders. I also think when comparing players who you think are worthy of the award you should ask yourself this question "take player x off his team and would they be in the position they currently are in?" and likewise with the other player. To me that's the true way to look at who's an MVP.

Edit: I wasn't calling out the previous poster with this post. I was just speaking in general.

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