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04-29-2013, 11:37 PM
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I wonder why nobody posted this one yet.

And it's not even a real problem with that logo.

It may seem to be appropriate for MMg (it's literally a "metallurg" after all and there's a noticable socialist realism overtone in it), but it doesn't really fit the league. Not just the KHL, most of the major leagues I can think of. It's more of an ECHL logo.

It also won't look well on jerseys either, because it's too detailed. It may be good enough for merchendise, in case they want to launch in production their own brand of beer ("hey, look, est. 1955!"), but I honestly wouldn't want to see that thing during translations.

I have no idea why they even bothered with this poll. People are stupid, they like to click on pretty pictures not even thinking about the way they're supposed to be used. And I hope that in the end they will combine all the votes for the fox logo.

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