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09-14-2006, 06:48 PM
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Well, after looking at the USA Hockey "ask the ref" column it seems your not agreed with by USA hockey. An early lift of a stick as I described above WILL be a 2 minute penalty. I would link it but i am sure being the all knowing ref you can find it yourself...Even in the video demonstrating of what is acceptable, the puck is there. Had the player lifted the stick a half second earlier it would have been an illegal tactic. Yet another Ref that seems to let his own personal bias affect the way hes going to call a game. what a shame......

Its unfortunate that you show very little professionalism in your reply to these people just trying to get a grip on hte new interpretations and enforcement. Instead you resort to personal attack on a member who disagrees with your "loose" interpretation. In any case our kids will be coached in skill over goon squad crap.

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