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04-30-2013, 12:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Dying Alive View Post
I don't understand the "bandwagoner" criteria, I guess. Becoming a fan of a team that's good? In that case, is everyone who has become a Wings fan in the post-Dead Things era a bandwagoner? People either don't remember or choose to forget how abysmal the Wings were and how they weren't exactly packing the fans into the stands. The Sabres fans are a lot fewer & far between here than they used to be and there are a lot more Kings fans, just as two examples. Every fan base bandwagons to some extent. Every single one.

I started watching the Pens in about 1986, I think. I may be a year off in either direction but I was a little kid so I don't remember for sure. It was post-Mario but several years pre-Cups. Even with this many years invested and so many ups and downs I don't understand why people get on such a high horse about bandwagoners. Who really gives a ****?
I never really understood the liberal use of the word nowadays. For me, a bandwagon fan is someone who literally follows winners, jumping from team to team depending on who is dominating/winning championships at a given time.

I don't agree with labeling people a bandwagon fan if they so happen to get into the sport, or are re-interested in a sport, by cheering for a team with a superstar player, so long as they don't do what I described above. After all, a lot of kids who get into sports do so cheering for the Gretzkys, Lemieuxs, Jordans, etc. So it's only natural that some of those teams will have more "new" fans when those players play for them.

I don't know. As long as the person doesn't literally change teams like they do their underwear, I see nothing wrong with a person cheering for the Pens now because of Crosby/Malkin (or Washington because of Ovie, or TBay because of Stamkos) as long as they remain fans of that team instead of changing allegiances as soon as a new team starts winning.

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