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04-30-2013, 02:55 AM
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I think you have to go with Myers as reason 1 and 2.
1- Myers not contributing anything all year positive to the team
2- It's one thing to struggle with your game and not produce points during the year, but I have never seen a worse defensive collapse of a player who's job it is to play defense. He just never seemed to have a clue what he was even doing out there, and it seemed like half the goals that were scored on us could directly be contributed to Myers either screening the goalie, not covering the man in front, or not using his body to keep players from skating in on net, or getting caught deep in the zone, or sometimes just losing the puck or passing it directly to the forchecker......I honestly believe that if Myers would have gotten hurt the first week of the season for the whole year, and one of the young d-men played all year in his stead, we would have made the playoffs. Erhoff had to cover myers a$$ so much this year that it messed with his own game. It is just sad because he is just not a smart player. He can skate, he has the enormouse reach......but he does not know what to do.....the difference between him and Scott is that Scott does what he is PAID to do, no more and no less.....Myers actually gets paid to produce for us and actually is more of a help to the team we play against.

Also I don't mind that Darcy is still here....I think he should have been fired after the tragedy of 07', and no matter what he will be defined by that horrible mismanagement of star players........but.....after two game this year they started talking about how this sabres team (if they stick to the new tough attitude) could be really good....and a lot of us bought into that.

Anyone surprise that darcy is coming back shouldn't be.....he KNEW he would be here for YEARS to come when he traded for all these picks instead of trying to make a risky crazy move.....but how can you keep a guy managing your players when other gm's have said that he is not a good negotiating partner, and some gms don't even want to bother dealing with him.

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