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04-30-2013, 03:38 AM
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Originally Posted by wolfpackxvx View Post
are you ****ing kidding me!!!!!
i told you i had shoulder surgery as to why i hadnt been on. i was on yesterday we were playing our series i destroyed you in our second game 8-3 and you dissappeared after that.. i was on for about 6 hours today and there was no sign of you...
what a joke!!!
ok Yeah I had work and I was on most of sunday and all day monday. I kicked you then just simmed anyways instead of playing and if you dont believe me that i simmed which what would have happened even if i didnt kick you. Just check ovi's stats if I played he would be leading in goals. And here is a photo I took just as I posted this even check the time.

and we played those two games on saturday not yesterday!!!!!!!! Now tell me again you were on for 6 hours today????????????????

Im not a little ***** like that but If you want to take my team and play you can It probably wont be the same even THOUGH I ADVANCED THE LEAGUE WITHOUT PLAYING ANY OF THOSE GAMES. .

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