Thread: Proposal: BOLD moves for the Oilers
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04-30-2013, 04:56 AM
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So Boston trades away a 24 year old powerforward for a 29 year old player who had a whopping 2 more goals than him this year and a 1 million cap saving so that the B's can resign a 41 year old Jagr? The 1st round picks are nice but the idea is for Boston to compete for a cup while Big Z still has some gas in the tank. This deal addresses 0.0 of Boston's needs while neutering the top-6 and trading one of our utility players in Pevs away as well. Boston has no need for Belanger and Eager so this deal could basically boil down to:

Lucic + Pevs


Hemsky + 2013 1st

Lucic put up 27 pts in 46 games and Hemsky who surprise surprise is injured again put up 2 more goals and 7 less points in 8 less games. Really don't see how the value of this deal shakes out.

There isn't enough mouthwash, gum or whiskey to kill the awful taste that trade leaves in my mouth.

I appreciate the work you put into your proposals and the time it must have taken you to write all of that but that deal is awful. Boston needs far more substance.

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