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04-30-2013, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by disfigured View Post
Leafs in 6. As it stands now.
  • It matters not one bit what the team (and Clode by association) did with less, a few years ago. It's how they look now, and right now they look horrendous.
  • It matters not one bit what both the team and Clode's track record is. This team made the playoffs every year for 19 years in a row under various coaches, Clode's 6 in a row while impressive considering some of the teams he coached, is not enough to overlook the state of disarray the team is in right now.
  • Tuukka is not Timmy.

If this team:
  • Can't hold a lead (even with just hanging on, or whatever works).
  • Do not hit and intimidate.
  • Doesn't get scoring contributions from the 3rd line.
  • Do not get energy from the 4th.

Because those are the keys to our success, without them we're just a loose association of players who happen to be putting on the same sweater before a game.

If not those things, then what are we good at?

It's certainly not the power play. SH and 5on5 sure we're good at, but that hasn't been enough to win games lately. We're being beaten with the lead, with out it, tied going into O.T, and in the S.O. In fact we've lost nearly every way possible in the last month.

The saving grace is it's the Leafs. If they get an emotional bounce from an early win in this series, it could propel them through the series itself. After that I think anything can happen. If only because they look at themselves as losers right now. If they get a winning mindset by beating the Leafs it will change that attitude around 180 degrees.
Couldn't agree more. The Cup didn't help last year's team with Tim Thomas. And, is about as irrelevant as irrelevant can be when it comes to playing this series. Our defensive system will give the talented Leafs forwards more scoring chances than our system will generate for our forwards. I think the Leafs win in 6. The Bruins best chance to win is for Tuukka Rask to totally outplay James Reimer. Which is possible. But, I don't thing the edge in G is enough.

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