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04-30-2013, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by weirdofishy View Post
So I haven't posted on here in a while. I'm a lurker, what can I say. But I need to put in my two cents about this team and Carey.

I watched the '05 draft and didn't hear much about anyone but Sid the Kid (the next Gretzky). So when the Habs drafted a goalie at 5th overall, I was just not sure what to think. I had thought Theodore would be okay (I mean he was only 4 years removed from a Hart and Vezina Trophy season, but ok.) but maybe I wasn't seeing something that others in CH Management were seeing (I mean I was only 14 at the time).

What really impressed me and showed me why Carey should have been taken at 5th overall in that draft was what happened in 2007.

I'm sure a lot of you remember the World Juniors that year. Semis against the Americans (SO where Toews scored like 3 goals in a row, etc.), winning the Gold that year. I was beginning to see what all the hype was really about. Then it continued. Carey went back to Tri-City and even though they didn't make the POs that year I believe, he won the CHL Goalie of the Year Award. And still it continued. He gets called up to the Bulldogs for their AHL Playoff run, backstops them to an AHL Calder Cup and he's given the Jack A. Butterfield Trophy as the AHL Playoffs MVP.

This is where I began to get the feeling that this guy is the real deal.

Next year, he makes le CH. His numbers aren't that great but he (and Huet until the deadline I think) lead them to their 1st NE division title in god knows how long, a 1st place seeding in the Eastern Conference. We beat Boston in 7 (which should have taken 5 or 6) but end up losing to Philly (Umberger that Habs Killer).

Next couple seasons were bad and terrible for Carey.

The Price vs. Halak situation. I was very skeptical in Price being able to be the #1 for the Habs. But somewhere, I had this feeling that the last couple years weren't the true Carey Price and that maybe, just maybe the hype that surrounded him would come true.

Lo behold, the 2010-11 season comes and goes, he puts up great numbers. Backstops the team to another PO appearance, only to be eliminated by Boston, in Boston, in Game 7, in OT. What more did you expect out of that team anyways (the Mortician, my god did we have a terrible system, IMO)?

Now I'm hearing a lot of people talking of numbers and stuff, but here's a thought. Does anyone know what Carey's numbers were like after the first 5 weeks of this season? I remember them being really good because my brother, a very knowledgeable hockey person, said to me "He could win the Vezina if he keeps playing this way". So with that said, he has two weeks of sub-par performance and you don't think he's an elite goaltender?

Seriously people, before you post think hard about what you're saying because I keep reading the same stupid crap about Carey that sometimes makes me laugh, sometimes makes me sad and sometimes makes me mad.

He's gonna put those two weeks behind him, show all you boo birds the talent that he is, and backstop our team to the 2nd round (yes I love saying the word backstop). Should be a great series with OTT, not easy by any means, but very much winnable.

That's the end of my rant.
Like I said, goaltending stats aren't the same as scoring totals... they are based on average and are not cumulative. So a goalie can play great all year and then go into a bad couple of games and suddenly his save percentage can drop by ten points.

Some folks just seem to want to rip on him. They say - he's not good look at that save percentage - SEE! Doesn't work that way. Price was actually our best player in a huge portion of our games this year. But because the stats get skewed with his horrible stretch it looks like a terrible year.

No doubt he sucked the past couple of weeks but folks who are saying he's been bad this year don't know what they're talking about.

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