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Originally Posted by markz View Post
Just because a Player is good on NHL small sized Ice, doesn't mean he is Elite on Olympic Sized Big Ice - Different Game.

Maybe TSN is mad because Canada has NOT won a "Big Ice" Tournament in 6-7 years almost (2007 WC - 7th in 2006 Olympics)? Maybe NHL players aren't as elite as we thought
It is true that canadas semi-elite professional players on big ice are not overwhelmingly good against european based elite players, but this is no news. Just look at the soviets vs. the half good nhl team competing for Canada. But make no mistake, NHL stars are nhl stars and we need only look to the intercontinental games before the recent nhl premieres to see that nhl teams are very much better than european ones even on big ice. They CAN lose, but not in a say best of seven environment.

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