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04-30-2013, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by 29Potvins View Post
If you're in Toronto, try Majer Hockey in North York. Their staff was really friendly when I went, and seemed to know their stuff.
Otherwise, Pro Hockey Life at Vaughan Mills is a pretty huge store.
Finally, there are Source for Sports stores at several locations in Ontario. Try those.

I've been able to pick up some equipment for fairly cheap at Sportchek (during sales etc).

If you are really keen on ordering online, you can try although their selection seems a bit limited.
OP: forget the monkey dude, Potvins gave you the options here.

If you're looking for selection above all else and don't care much about deals/pricing, I would head to PHL. Sportchek will have the deals but depending on the store, will be shorter on selection. SFS will have the service, which will be imperative given your needs, and good deals as well.

I recommend scouting out various locations and seeing what you can get.

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